Online adverts aim to awaken the curiosity of potential customers. Once they've clicked on the advert, they will be directed to a landing page, quote page, product page, or the homepage where they can start a quote, request a call-me-back or buy a product. 


These are some of the best performing creative for: 

·      Budget Insurance

·      Virseker

·      Auto & General 

·      Dialdirect


Websites serve as information hubs, lead drivers, sales tools, and profile management platforms. Depending on the brief website copy, banners, brochures, terms and conditions, landing pages, and direct marketing campaigns need to be created. 


Websites are living organisms and are continuously updated and amended to ensure the visitors enjoy a unique experience and the latest information available. This leads to a variety of people working and writing on the sites. 


I have experience in writing the original copy for architectural ironmongery, insurance companies, musicians, mining companies, product sourcing companies, rewards programmes and more. ​


In the ever on-the-go world we find ourselves in, it’s essential that people can reach you wherever they are; lo and behold mobi sites and advertising. Smart devices enable you to speak to your clients in a much easier and immediate manner. 


However, it’s not enough to just create an advert that’s suited to mobile devices; it’s just as important to have a mobile presence. This can be either a mobile-specific site, app or a responsive website. Whichever you chose, you’ll need copy to match both the medium and your brand’s personality.