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Newly launched My Chocolate Box, a monthly chocolate subscription box, made a name at the fifth annual New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards, where its agency, Stratitude, was recognised with two awards.

• Most Innovative Social Media Campaign by a Small Agency – Bronze

• Best Low Budget Campaign – Silver

My Chocolate Box was developed in a partnership between Stratitude, an integrated marketing agency, and Next Engage, a sales business that specialises in annuity subscription programmes.

Our boxes are different each month, and we include well-known local and international brands such as Beyer’s Chocolates, Geldhof, Coach House, The Chocolate Tier, and a variety of globally sourced chocolates that will be deliver to your door for only R349 per month. These nibbles are handpicked and carefully packed to ensure your enjoyment. Best of all, some might be so new to market they won’t be on the shelves yet. However, we faced a dilemma: we had all these delicious goodies, but a small advertising budget,” says Sylvia Schutte, managing director of Stratitude.

We decided to focus our efforts on a digital campaign and developed a melt-in-your-mouth website to position the subscription box. We then used social media to launch it. By developing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, we could speak directly to any chocoholic’s heart. The imagery we use is decadent, rich and chocolatey. “We aim to make visitors’ mouths water, while also enjoying an element of fun,” Schutte explains.

Social media is perfect; the platforms are cost-effective yet able to reach a targeted audience, which was perfect for the launch phase that was focussed on Johannesburg.

We had a great response to our campaigns! The uptake and engagement on all special offers and giveaways proved to be a success as it resulted in a steady flow of generated leads and sign-ups.

We are excited to see what the next year holds for us, especially if this is how we’re starting off,” Schutte concludes.

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