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Romance is in the air. It’s all around us, and to be honest, it’s delicious. It’s also this time of year that a certain kind of movie makes the headlines – romantic movies. They come in all shapes and sizes and all genres, and we eat them up without a second thought.

In order to prepare for Valentine’s Month, we thought we’d look at some of the strangest, most loved and plain gooey romantic movies out there, and pair them with chocolate, of course. So, when you are planning your romantic nights (either by yourself or with a partner), here are a few to keep in mind.

Mrs Right Guy & Healthy brownie chocolate cake

A modern-day take on what it takes to be a strong, independent South African woman and fall in love.

Vrou Soek Boer & Black velvet cake

An Afrikaans romantic comedy that follows the journey of a city girl gone small-town baker.

Shaun of the Dead & One pan chocolate pudding

A fun and strange British romantic comedy filled with zombies.

Chocolat & Truffle box

Described as “sinfully delicious”, this is a tale of how chocolate brought a whole town back to life.

Silver Linings Playbook & Chocolate pudding

A stunning and quirky story about how two lost people help each other and their loved ones heal.

Moulin Rouge & Liqueur chocolates

A magical spectacular exposing love and life of the theatre folk of the Moulin Rouge.

Bright Star & Brownies

You can’t speak about romance without mentioning the great poet, John Keats.

The Big Sick & Hot chocolate

A heartfelt story about love, family, culture and acceptance and how true love can bring them all together.

Brokeback Mountain & Dark chocolate slab

Discover how denying who you really are and who you truly love, can destroy not only your life but also those around you.

UP & Summer hot chocolate

Although this is not a romantic movie, the first ten minutes are the most sincere and true love story we’ve ever seen.

A United Kingdom & Amarula Chocolates

A love story that shook the world, and proved that no matter the obstacles when you fight for what’s in your heart, you will be victorious.

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